Monday, September 30, 2013


A key idea to the component of success is understanding and harnessing the power of a decision. As humans, we are faced with thousands of decisions everyday and how we approach and respond to those decisions will dictate our lives. We face small day to day decisions; such as whether to wake up or to hit the snooze button and roll back over. We make larger decisions like what to wear and where we want to eat. These choices we make constantly throughout the day are subsequently what result into our lives that we are currently living. 
When you are talking about harnessing the power of making a decision you must understand what it truly means to say you “have decided” upon something. The word ‘decide’ comes from the greek root word; "deci", which means “to cut off”. When making the decision between two choices you are essentially choosing one and ‘cutting off the other.’ When you decide upon one choice, by definition you should have cut off the option of the other instance happening. The other option has been removed and you are now committed to following through on the other option. If you have TRULY decided to do something then the idea of failure is not something that even occurs in your head. 
To harness the power of making a decision means to view the other option as no longer possible. If you make a decision to hit a goal, then there is no other way, no other option. If you make the decision to hit a goal then not hitting the goal no longer becomes and option. 
The most common question I have heard people ask me about my success in health and fitness is; How did you do it? My answer is simple; I DECIDED to not be that person anymore. I decided at one moment in my life at age 15, that I was going to make the decision to become a healthier person. The decision had been made, and other road was no longer an option. To continue on a path of unhealthy habits that would corrupt my lifestyle was no longer an option on the table. I had made the decision to become healthier and from then on there was only one way to go. 
Ask yourself, what decisions are you ready to make right now? What parts of your life are you ready and willing to cut off in order to achieve something you truly yearn for? What does it mean to you to make these decisions? What will the effect be in 5 years? 10 years? 30 years? Do you think you will regret making good decisions for your health and lifestyle, or that you will be happy that you did. 
What is ONE decision you can make right now that will change your life for the positive over the next 1-5 years?

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